Porcelanosa Showroom installation

Created on:
September 20, 2017
Major new 2017/18 installation

During August 2017, PD&CL Solid Surfaces have installed the latest range of kitchens and bathroom featuring the KRION & XLIGHT products from Porcelanosa in their flagship Bristol Cribbs Causeway showroom. The new designs highlight the products quality and versatility as well as allowing PD&CL Solid Surfaces to demonstrate their master craftsmanship and attention to detail in the manufacture and installation process.

“Installing Porcelanosa's own products in their own showroom shows the level of trust & confidence they have in our ability to deliver."

Working alongside the team at the Bristol showroom allowed PD&CL Solid Surfaces to achieve stunning displays and really exhibit the range of the 2017/18 residential and commercial designs.

Demonstrating the materials capabilities

Both KRION and XLIGHT are superb products and Porcelanosa are continuing to invest in Research & Development for the next generation of solid surface. PD&CL Solid Surfaces' installation of Porcelanosa's own products in their own showroom clearly shows the level of trust and confidence they have in the company's ability to deliver on it's promises and truly capitalise on the potential of KRION and XLIGHT.

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